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The UK civil service is broken and needs reform to deliver true digital government

Boris Johnson’s special adviser, Dominic Cummings, has attracted criticism for his plans to overhaul Whitehall culture, but Paul Shetler argues that he is absolutely right

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How to Radically Renovate My Health Record

Accelerate HQ partners Paul Shetler and Catherine Thompson propose an approach to developing a national health record so good that people will want to use it.

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Shetler’s digital plan for ScoMo

Paul Shetler on five things the Morrison government should do to provide excellent services to the people of Australia. This was published a few days before the government announced plans to implement Services Australia.

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Disruption and Democracy

Serious action is needed now to curb the power of the global tech giants and Australia should be leading the way with a series of reforms, according to Accelerate HQ partner Paul 

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Digital Delivery of Government Services

Submission to the Australian Senate Enquiry, March 2018

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